1. What is a cryptocurrency? A cryptocurrency is a digital currency that only exists in a network of computers called a ‘blockchain’ on the internet. They are well-known and famous because they are decentralized and cannot be hacked.
  2. What is blockchain technology? Blockchain technology is like a digital ledger, its similar to a record-keeping system that stores information in blocks linked together in a chain. Each block contains data about transactions, and once added, it’s very hard to change. Cryptocurrencies are safe against duplication, or fraud due to the security provided by blockchain technology.
  3. What is hedging? Hedging is a risk management strategy, our AI uses Hedging as a tactical approach to reduce risks associated with financial assets. It uses market strategies to offset the risk of any adverse price movements.
  4. What is futures trading? Trading in futures means buying and selling crypto currencies on a future contract. It’s trading on a predetermined future date and price. You speculate the price without owning it. This type of trading is used as a leverage to increase profits.
  5. What is spot trading? Spot trading means buying and selling cryptocurrencies right away, unlike futures trading. It’s a top pick for beginners. In spot trading, you and the seller agree on the current price, and the deal happens instantly, moving the crypto from the seller’s to the buyer’s wallet. Spot trading is advantageous because it lets traders have real crypto assets they can keep in their wallets for a long time.
  6. Why trade in cryptocurrencies? We are living in a digital era, and cryptocurrency is the new form of payment. Crypto is famous due to its decentralized nature. Crypto is limited in supply so inflation cannot affect it, and crypto coins cannot be duplicated.
  7. Why trade in cryptocurrencies? We are living in a digital era, and cryptocurrency is the new form of payment. Crypto is famous due to its decentralized nature. Crypto is limited in supply so inflation cannot affect it, and crypto coins cannot be duplicated.
  8. How does our AI work? Once our AI is connected to your account, it waits for the right market price entry point which takes a week. Our AI analyzes the market and build you a specific strategy and begin trading. It takes 30-45 days for the AI to complete hedging, so never close a trade manually!
  9. Why is our AI the best? Our AI is a conservative AI. Our AI makes sure that your capital is safe. It focuses on making profits with the quickest exits. Our AI is the best because of the unparalleled latency speed. We also have multiple servers to secure your account.
  10. What are the risks? Given our AI’s utilization of a hedging strategy, your risk exposure is minimized to less than 1%. This approach helps safeguard your investment while aiming to optimize returns.”
  11. How much do you need to invest? We strongly advise considering a minimum investment of $10,000 to enhance the efficiency of AI management and maximize potential returns within our investment strategy.
  12. Should I be familiar with Market Analysis and forecasts? Not necessarily, but it’s always good to have basic knowledge about anything you invest in. We release informative videos related to cryptocurrencies and the market. You can follow our pages to always be updated.
  13. What are the associated fees? The exchange platform fees are very minimal, and we, Treedex PRO charge a subscription fee based on profit sharing ratio.
  14. What makes Dubai an ideal location for crypto trading? Dubai is a global financial hub, and it’s one of the few countries that allow crypto investments with no currency restrictions. Dubai also offers excellent connectivity to an expanding blockchain community. Did you know that many businesses such as day to day and DAMAC accept crypto payments? Yes, Dubai is the future for crypto trading. Lets not forget, Dubai has 0% income tax.
  15. How Will I Stay Informed? You have full access to your trading account, you can log in and see the ongoing trades, movements and if you need any information, our Treedex PRO team is just one call away.
  16. How do you ensure accuracy and efficiency in trade processing? The best way is to always Utilize high-quality and reliable data sources, have a strong Algorithm, know how to manage risks, monitor movements, and make adjustments. Treedex PRO AI can do all of this and more. We humans may find it hard to monitor a market that trades 24/7 but our AI can.
  17. How does the AI manage risks in the crypto market? The crypto market is very volatile, so you can see sudden unexpected price fluctuations, and to avoid the risk of losses our AI is programmed to automatically adjust risk parameters, like reducing the lot sizes or increasing your stop-loss levels.
  18. How does our AI stay updated with the latest market trends? It’s with the help of APIs. Our AI uses it as the primary means to connect and interact with cryptocurrency exchanges and data providers. An API enables the AI to access real-time market data, execute trades, retrieve account information, and perform various other tasks programmatically, And Treedex PRO has 5 API’s.
  19. How can I withdraw my profits? After our AI completes hedging, our team will notify you, and when you’re ready to withdraw, simply log in and check your crypto-wallet, move your profits from futures to spot and then withdraw via a local bank or through any crypto exchange. Withdrawal options depend on which region you’re in.
  20. How safe is my money? Treedex PRO is not a broker, we don’t manage your money, your money is under your control, safe in your account. While we install our AI to your trading account we only take access to readings, enable futures, enable spot & margin trading. Only you will have access to withdrawals and transfers.
  21. Do you recommend Binance or Bybit? Our first recommendation is always Binance, and Bybit is a great alternative too. This also depends on your region. For example, anyone from the USA cannot access either, as Coinbase is the only crypto trading platform used there.